SOCKs for the homeless

Did you know the #1 most requested item at homeless shelters are socks?

On behalf of #GivingTuesday, a National Day of Giving, St. Luke organizes a sock collection which is then donated to the homeless via our Feed the Homeless ministry.

2018 sock drive

December 02, 2018

St. Luke successfully collected 150 pairs of socks for the homeless! Our children packed each pair of socks with a granola bar and icon of St. Luke. The socks were prayed over and will be delivered to the homeless via our Feed the Homeless ministry. A big thank you to everyone who donated and helped pack!

2017 sock Drive

February 22, 2018

St. Luke successfully delivered 50 pairs of socks and granola bars to the homeless in the Center City Philadelphia area. Thank you to all who donated socks and to our children who helped wrap a snack bar in each pair of socks!

St. Luke Orthodox Mission Church is thankful for all the generous support we receive from our donors! If you would like to get more involved or have suggestions for future outreach programs, please email

It is more blessed to GIVE than to RECEIVE.
— Acts 20:35