Part 3: The Public Celebration

The Public Celebration

1. The Reading from the Old Testament and the curtain opens

2. “Mary who brought thee forth and John baptized thee, be our supplicants to thee, have mercy upon us O Lord.”

  • This signifies His birth and baptism of Christ.
  • The congregation singing “By thy mother’s earnest prayers” accompanies this procession. (St. Severios of Antioch 518 A.D)

3. Trisagion

  • Means 3 times holy. This was used from the time of St. Ignatius of Antioch (110A.D)
  • Joseph of Arimathea & Nicodemus sang this along with the Angels.

Service of the Word

4. The General Epistles
5. Pauline Epistles
6. Gospel Reading
7. Prumeoun (Introduction)
8. Hoosoyo (Absolution)
9. Sedro (series)

Blessing of the Censor
Revelations 5:8 “They held gold bowls filled with incense—the prayers of God’s people.”

  • 4 chains represent Father, Son & Holy Spirit (2 chains for the humanity and divinity of Christ)
  • 12 bells for the Apostles
  • 72 links represent the evangelists who were sent out

The non-believers are escorted out