Orthodox Stewardship Part 4: Practice at St. Luke

Over the last 3 weeks, you have hopefully learned the theory of giving taught in the bible and in the Orthodox church.  Today we will learn about how it is practiced, particularly at St. Luke Orthodox Mission.

Major Methods of Giving to Church


Dues or Subscription is a fixed amount of money that a member has to pay to receive membership in a church. One advantage of this method is everyone pays their equal share, though it is not proportional to their income.  However, dues create an obligatory minimal mentality and a transactional nature to Church.


Tithing is when everyone is obligated to pay 10% of their income to receive membership in a church.

Tithing brings in significant funds to a church.  However, tithing also creates an obligatory minimal mentality, although at a high minimum of 10%.  In addition, some might feel the burden/pressure of being obligated to pay 10%.

Proportional Giving

Proportional Giving is giving a proportion of God’s wealth with an emphasis on growth. There is no obligation of fixed 10%, each member decides what to give, however, there is an emphasis on growth in your generosity over time.  There are some drawbacks, such as funds can be uneven or insufficient.   In addition, if giving is published there might be judged on whether everyone is paying their “fair” share

Practice at St. Luke

St. Luke Orthodox Mission will be implementing proportional giving with an effort to mitigate some of its drawbacks.

Pledge Form

Each member household is required to prayerfully fill out a pledge form yearly and submit it to the Treasurer.  Currently, the minimum required per household is $190/year to cover diocesan and catholic fees.  Beyond that there are no other requirements, you are simply asked to give proportionally to your income (1%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%).   Your goal should be to grow your generosity over time, however, we understand there are seasons of your life when you may not be able to give as you once have.  The proportional giving model is flexible and does not limit your generosity. 


Giving is completely confidential only You, Treasurer & Auditor know.  The Priest and Managing Committee will not know the details of your Pledge.  All reporting to church members on giving will be anonymous or in aggregate.


After your pledge is made a Payment Invitation will be sent by the treasurer.   You have many choices on how to pay your pledge.  You can pick from the most convenient method for your household, Bank withdrawal, Venmo, Credit Card, Check, etc.  You can make a one-time donation, or make donations over the course of the year.   For your convenience, you can even automate giving on your schedule.