Don’t Revisit the Past – Press Forward


In the Gospel Reading today Jesus refers to himself as the “Bread of Life.” Further, to establish his point, he refers back to how in the past God provided manna for the Israelites in the wilderness after their exit from Egypt. The Jewish people were happy and overjoyed that God provided for them in their time of trouble. But there was greater trouble that they would face other than food! In fact, this was a problem that all of mankind was facing but no resolution was in sight—sin. This is why Jesus refers to himself as the “greater” bread that comes down from heaven that provides eternal life. The Jewish people could not see, or recognize, that Jesus was greater than the manna that was provided thousands of years ago.

We as Christians often tend to revisit the past, and ponder on how things were better, nicer or more beautiful; never willing to see that God is doing something in the present, which is even greater. Pain, troubles, challenges, joy, and happiness are things we experience during such times. Don’t lose sight of what God is doing in your present. It is for a purpose and reason, which we don’t know yet. The “yet” part is frightening because we feel as though we are not in control, right? But that is exactly where God wants us to be—not in control—so that we recognize that He is in control. When we let go and let God, pray, seek after the Lord, then we begin to see that what is in our present will be spiritually something greater than the past.

Remember God is in control. Rest on his Word. Lean not on your understanding and He will lead you into meadows of grace.