Getting Involved

Gospel Message & Recording

In the Gospel Reading today, ascribed by the Church, Jesus sends his disciples out two-by-two and commands them to go heal the sick and preach the Gospel. In doing so, he said to them, “The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few.” (Luke 10:2) This Bible portion might be very familiar to us. It has been taught and preached with regard to evangelism. But here, what I would like to accomplish is for us to contemplate on Bible passage and then see how it could be applied in our lives.

First and foremost, let us define a couple of words. “Harvest” can be seen as the many people who need Christ or who need help through the process of being a Christian. “Laborers” are the people who accept the calling to bring others to Christ or help other Christians through their struggles. It should be noted that every Christian is called to be a laborer in some capacity or the other.

Often, when we contemplate of this passage we think about great evangelists such as St. Paul and the late Mr. Billy Graham. Of course, these men of God realized the world needed Christ and went about preaching and teaching the Word of God and brought many souls to Christ. We might not be able or willing to do what these men have done. We are, however, called to be “laborers” in our present context, and most importantly in the church.

Becoming laborer in the church means: getting involved. We might be happy with just participating in church, that is, attending the Qurbanas, fellowships, etc., but we should involve ourselves in the work that is taking place in the church. We should, however, have the eagerness to look “inside of ourselves” and see what gifts and talents we have and use it for the church, and ultimately for the glory of God.

Being involved means: at least one person in each family is involved, either the father or the mother. It is not necessary that both be involved; however, if such is the case, then it is should be discussed in the family so that it does not neglect the needs of the family; because if the family suffers, our involvement in the church will not be effective.

How to get involved:

First, we must “look within ourselves” and see what talents and gifts the Lord has given to us. Then, see if there are ministries or programs in the church that will benefit from our involvement. If so proceed forward with the guidance of the Priest and other leaders.

Secondly, we might not be able to identify all our gifts and talents; therefore, if something interests us, proceed forward and see if we can get involved in a particular ministry of our interest.

Thirdly, just help out! One of the basic ways to get involved is by helping other ministry leaders. This means, cleaning up after church, or setting up, or putting things away, especially in the context of our church.

Today is Father’s Day.  It is vitally important that our children see us fathers involved in the church. If not involved, then the children should definitely see us playing a supportive role to our wives, in terms of the family, and the Priest, in terms of the church. When our children see this, the probability that they will be involved will be greater.

Overall, the idea is to get involved, that is, to become a laborer in the Kingdom of God—the Church—in a small or big way. It’s not enough to watch and/or attend services, fellowships or activities. That only demonstrates that our understanding of Christ, the Church is limited. Let us, therefore, grow together as a church and involve ourselves in the things of God, for the glory of God.


  1. Do you feel you are “involved” in the church, as defined here in this sermon? Are both you and your wife involved, or just you? Does it sometimes feel overwhelming? How has “becoming involved” helped your family? On the contrary, do you feel you are a participant?  If so, do you feel that one day you will “get involved?”
  2. How has “getting involved” influenced your children? Do you feel a lack of “getting involved” would negatively influence your children?
  3. How could we help others who are not necessarily involved, get involved?