Trust in the Lord


In the age of advanced information technology, where we know the “where, when, what and why” of what is happening in the world within minutes, it is hard for us to accept the words of Christ when he says, “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” (Mark 13:32) Here we see that it is only God that knows the hour and time of the end of the age; that is, the end of the universe as we know it.

Decades ago information took months to be received by the masses. Then it was shortened to weeks. At present it only takes minutes. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social platforms have accelerated this movement of information. Due to this, what has happened is that we have become conditioned to receiving information immediately and we are “programmed” to feel that this is our right. This even extends to our social-human interactions, whereby we want to know what is going on with other people and why a certain situation has occurred when there is no direct bearing on our lives or that of our family. We simply want to know for the sake of knowing. Not knowing makes us feel uncomfortable, annoyed, and even anxious. We become fearful of our situation, our society, and other people, rather than “trusting” in the Lord and believing in his promises, given to us in his Word. This is so because, when we “know,” we begin to plan and make arrangements and “not knowing” makes us feel vulnerable. This is exactly where God wants us to be; that is, in a place where we rely on him and trust him.

Imagine for example if you, your wife or child becomes sick. Immediately our heart becomes broken and we begin to pray and fast. When such challenges occur we want to know when it will end, but this is the piece of information that is often left unanswered. Sometimes we are not going to know when our challenges in life will end because we are called to “trust in the Lord.” Trust in Christ is strengthened when we don’t know the “who, what, where or when.” Similarly, when we don’t know when the end of the age will happen, we have no choice but to trust in the Lord. Further, God knew that if we knew the end date, we would plan our spiritual life accordingly. That is, within a year of the end date, we would begin to pray more, attend church earlier, complete all the Fasts, treat people better, etc., He doesn’t want robots, but real believers who despite not knowing will lead an exemplary Christian life.

Today, God wants you to trust in His Son Jesus Christ. Will you trust in the Lord Jesus?