We Are the Evidence of the Resurrected Christ

Gospel Message & Recording

On the first Sunday of the Lent Jesus attended a wedding where he turned water into wine, signifying how we need to continue in our Christian walk until the end and save the best for last. On the second Sunday of the Lent Jesus heals the man with leprosy by touching him, signifying that Jesus is willing to heal us from our infirmities, sickness and diseases.  On the third Sunday of Lent Jesus forgives and heals the paralyzed man, showing how the faith and prayer of others can build us up and bring healing to our lives. On the fourth Sunday of Lent Jesus heeds the persistent request of a Canaanite woman to heal her daughter of demon possession, signifying that if we are willing to be content and work hard with the little that God has given us, He will then provide more. On the fifth Sunday of Lent Jesus healed a crippled woman on the Sabbath showing us that the “spirit of infirmity” which could attach itself to us through sin, can be lifted off by the power of Jesus Christ. On the sixth Sunday of Lent Jesus gives sight to the blind man showing indeed sight is not only physical but also spiritual, that is, seeing Christ as the Son of God and worshiping Him. On the Sunday of Hosannas or Palm Sunday Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey with the praise and adulation knowing very well that in a few days the very same people will mock him, spit on him and put him to death. On the day of Passover Jesus instituted the Eucharist showing that he is the final lamb that is to be slain once and for all for all of humanity. On Holy Friday Jesus was spite on, abused, humiliated, rejected, stripped naked, and crucified. On this day the scriptures were fulfilled, “He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth; like a lamb that is led to the slaughter, and like a sheep that before its shearers is silent, so he opened not his mouth.” He took our sin, by become sin for us. By Jesus voluntary death on the cross, death and Satan were defeated. On Saturday, Jesus descended to Shoel, and preached the Good News, showing clear that he has power on the earth, above the earth and even under the earth. Today Jesus raises himself up from the tomb and takes his rightful place, that is, the right of God the Father in power and glory. Today Jesus through his resurrection gives hope and salvation to the world.

Each one of us is here at church because we believe that Jesus Christ is raised from the tomb and seated in glory. If his resurrection is not true then our faith is false. For as the Apostle Paul says, “And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain.”

We don’t have to go far to the see the evidence of the risen Christ. St. Athanasius the Great says, ‘It’s not the empty tomb in Jerusalem that many people flock to and venerate that is the evidence of the resurrection. Rather, we are the evidence of the resurrection.” Are we the evidence of the resurrected Christ? When others see or hear us, would they say he or she is the evidence of the resurrected Christ?

How do we become the evidence of Christ? The answer is simple: by carrying on the spirit of the Lenten season in the subsequent days and months. Don’t go back to you old habits and behaviors. Don’t stop praying. Remember how the fasting refined you and made you better. Reflect upon your confession, your tears, and your heart of compunction. Never forget how God forgave you and showered his love upon your sinful nature.

I’m happy that many of us participated in the Holy Services. I’m happy that many were here for the Sunday’s of the Lent. I’m happy that more than a few called in for the Evening Prayer Line during Holy Week. I’m happy that to Passover Service on Wednesday Evening, Holy Friday Service, Holy Saturday were well attended. I’m happy that you have come for today’s Resurrection Service. However, what would make me the happiest is if you maintain the level of holiness that you received during Great Lent and the Confession. Continue on the track that you began, and if you fall get back up and continue the race. Never give up! The victory will be yours!