God Removes Our Blindness


In the Gospel Reading today we hear Jesus teaching that the “blind cannot lead the blind.” No explanation is necessary to explain what Christ is attempting to say because it is self explanatory. Meaning, someone who is blind cannot see, so then how can he or she leads another person who is blind, when that person cannot see either. 

We as Christians have blindness in our lives, not in the physical sense, but spiritually. This blindness is created by a comfort that we create through a sense of security that rests on our material things, our family, our children, our wealth, our health, etc. Through trials and tribulations that God allows to happen in our lives, these false securities begin to collapse. What we once thought was “life” is suddenly altered. We might hate what is happening or evening try to escape the situation; but we should realize that God is attempting to remove our blindness and make way for sight that is geared toward Him and not our earthly possessions or people/family.